We present to you the student jury of 18th Animateka!


The members of this year’s student jury are:

Wadha Amoor is a Jordanian digital artist, illustrator, animator born and raised in Kuwait City. Now a third-year student at the School of Arts, Nova Gorica, Amoor has a degree in science. She used to work for MBVision as a comic artist. Her latest work is an animation titled Ai. She is currently working on her graduation project.


Nika Karner comes from a small town called Jelša nad Blagovico and is a third-year student of Digital Arts and Practices at the School of Arts, Nova Gorica, having previously attended the Secondary School of Media and Printmaking, Ljubljana. Karner likes working with various types of software, making animations and drawing – be it in a digital or analogue environment. Although she is skilled at using various media, she still prefers drawing, either using a pencil or a Wacom tablet.


Born in Šempeter pri Gorici in 1999, Luka Mavrič graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Art in Nova Gorica and went on to study art history, only to transfer to the School of Arts, Nova Gorica. He has always been passionate about filming, painting, and drawing. Originally a cinematographer, he was required last year to try his hand at animation. The result was Bard, an animated short that was shown at this year’s Festival of Slovenian Film.


Kaja Kregar, 22, is a student pursuing a master’s degree in illustration at the Academy of Fine Art and Design, Ljubljana. In 2020, she gained a BA in illustration from the same academy, after attending primary school and secondary art school in Ljubljana, where she was born. Kregar is interested in different types of illustration, specialising in digital techniques and animation.


Lidija Plestenjak, an artist with a BA in illustration, has devoted her career to her lifelong passion for visual storytelling, constantly exploring new creative possibilities. Having always been interested in the movement of forms, she has applied this interest to painting, drawing, and animation. Plestenjak is now a master’s student at the Academy of Fine Art and Design, Ljubljana.


Pika Terpin 22, is a second-year mater’s student of illustration at the Academy of Fine Art and Design, Ljubljana, where she gained a BA in illustration after attending primary and secondary school in her hometown of Idrija. While Tepin is interested in various types of illustration and various creative media, she is most passionate about illustration in connection to music, and animation.