The awards of 18th Animateka!


THE ELEPHANT: Children Jury Award
The Invention Of Less (2021)
Noah Erni, Studio uuuh!
Justification: We’ve chosen this film because it shows us, in a funny way, how we can kick our habits that are bad for the environment.

YOUNG TALENT AWARD: A School of Arts (University of Nova Gorica) and Academy of Fine Arts and Design (University of Ljubljana) Award

Special mention of the student jury:
Kurent (2021)
Miha Reja, University of Nova Gorica – School of Arts/Zvokarna
Justification: Our special mention goes to a film that stands out for its accomplished visual style.

Night of the Living Dread (2021)
Ida Melum, National Film & Television School
Justification: As for our main prize, we decided to give it to a film that won us with its clean, sleek animation, a universally relatable story, and a message about self-acceptance.

Granny’s Sexual Life
Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard

Special mentions of the members of the main jury

Soetkin Verstegen:
Bagatelle (2021)
László Csáki , Umbrella
Justification: V tej poetični študiji sestavljenih barv se tekstura intenzivne risbe preplete z zrnavostjo fotokolaža.

Maja Gehrig:
Epidemia (2021)
Kristjan Holm , Karabana
Justification: A film that is interactive in a particular way, linking the word of the hour with a physical reflex. With it the author draws the audience into a cryptic collage in which nothing is complete until everything disappears in the final mighty yawn of the ground.

Igor Hofbauer:
Caché / Búvóhely / Hide (2020)
Daniel Benjamin Gray, La Cellule Productions/CUB Animation/The National Film Board of Canada
Justification: I give this award to a brilliant film, in which the hidden eye of the observer/protagonist suspects rather than shows or reveals the life of a family. It is both a touching story of a childhood and a tale of loneliness told through a variety of artistically engaging, yet subtle elements.

Gerben Schermer:
Steakhouse (2021)
Špela Čadež, Finta Film/Fabian&Fred/RTV Slovenija/Miyu Productions
Justification: For visualising a tragic reality in human relationships and making us aware of hidden conflicts which unfortunately still happen.

Viva Videnović:
W domu: Księżyc / At Home: The Moon (2020)
Tomasz Popakul, HBO Europe
Justification: For capturing the repetitive non-sense of the world we live in and the predominant feelING of emptiness when one walks fearlessly but the rest are absent.

Impossible Figures and Other Stories I (2021)
Marta Pajek, Animoon/National Film Board of Canada
Justification: The jury unanimously loved a film which beautifully and powerfulLY visualises a past era full of hope, trust and belief in a bright future with a life for anyone. The artist creates a story which gives space for various understandings and memories.

You can watch the winning films today, 5.12. at 7 pm in Kinodvor or on Animateka Extended VOD.