H.P. Lovecraft – The Hound

Title of the project: H.P. Lovecraft – The Hound

Estimated budget: 40,000.00 €


For two grave robbers, some things are better to stay buried…

Description of the main story and poetics:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft’s literary opus belongs not only to the American, but also to the world heritage in the field of horror and strange fiction, but at the same time it spreads beyond the limits and definitions of any genre, representing a unique phenomenon in the world of the written word. Precisely in that fact lays our interest in translating Lovecraft’s story into the language of animated film. After many years of successful cooperation, we found inspiration in the story “The Hound” and decided to adapt it into a script and future animated film.


We are aware that this is a demanding task, and we are well acquainted with the not very positive examples of adaptation and film adaptation of Lovecraft’s works in recent years (for us, the most positive examples came from filmmakers John Carpenter and Stuart Gordon), but we are ready to make our contribution in reviving his mysterious and dark visions. Ralph Bakshi’s animated films (The Lord of the Rings) are also accountable for the inspiration, as well as the lesser-known animated television adaptation of Charles Dickens’ stories called “Ghost Stories from the Pickwick Papers” (especially the story of grave digger Gabriel Grub). We also found inspiration for the story atmosphere in the paintings of Francisco Goya, Caspar David Friedrich and Henry Fuseli. We will use a mixture of 2D and 3D computer animation (ZBrush, Cinema4D, TVPaint Animation Pro) like in the previous work Two Grim Ravens by Mihajlo Dragas. In this story, we will deal especially with the construction of the gradation of fear and the loss of reason in the main characters. We would like to collaborate with a professional composer and sound designer in order to realize this project as successfully as possible. It seems to us that this is the right moment for this story to remind us again about the fragility of human existence and man’s place in the vast and unknown universe.


Director’s biography:

Mihajlo Dragas, director and co-scriptwriter

Born 21 Nov 1991 in Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


2010 – 2014 Bachelor of Arts, Animation, Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

2014 – 2015 Master’s degree, Animation, Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

Author of four short animated films: Two grim ravens (2019), ISKON – Anima Aeternam (2015), Vis Dubium (2014) and Sisyphus Carries Sisyphu’ (2013), screened and awarded at domestic and international film festivals. In addition to animated short films and animated music videos, he composes music for films and is actively involved in creation of digital 3D artwork. Currently, he lives and works in Bor, Serbia.

Presentation of the production company:

Vorky Team is an independent production focused on the production of short animated, experimental and documentary films.


List of partners on the project so far/ Amounts already negotiated:

Supported by Film Center Serbia – 15,200.00 €

Croatian Audiovisual Center – submitted project for the minority co-production with the company Tetrabot


Director - Mihajlo Dragaš

Producer - Milan Milosavljević