Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I watch films and films programmes?

The selected film programme is available on our online platform:

You can also access the platform on our website in the menu bar, by clicking on “Watch films“.

2. Will the films be available throughout the festival or only at certain times?

All films that are published on Festival platform are available throughout the festival, i.e. from 29 November 2021 at midnight to 5 December 2021 until midnight.

3. Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased here:

4. How can I register and unlock a film?

To purchase a festival pass or ticket, you will need to enter your e-mail address before purchasing, as the festival pass or ticket will be attached to this address. After a successful purchase, you will receive an automatically generated message with the information for logging into the platform. Please change your password after you log in. Once you are logged in, you can unlock the chosen programme at The number of programmes you can unlock is related to the type of pass or ticket you have purchased.

5. Can I watch an individual film or film programme more than once?

Once you start watching a film programme, it will be available for 4 hours. After 4 hours, the programme will be locked again and it will no longer be possible to open it with the same pass or ticket. We advise you to ensure sufficient time before watching the programme so that you can watch the entire programme to the end. During the 4-hour slot, you can watch the programme several times.

6. Can I watch movies countless times when I buy a full festival pass?

The festival pass lets you watch all the film programmes on our online platform, but you will only be able to unlock each of them once. This means that while watching, you will have 4 hours to watch the chosen programme in its entirety. After 4 hours, the programme will be locked, and even with a festival pass, re-viewing the program will no longer be possible.

7. I bought a 3 + 1 ticket package. What films can I watch with this type of package?

With the 3 + 1 package, you get 4 tickets that you can use to watch any programme on the online platform. Again, the same rule applies to the availability of the programme (4 hours) when redeeming the ticket.

8. Can I watch films and film programmes abroad?

The film programmes can be viewed only on the territory of Slovenia.

9 Are the films subtitled?

All films have Slovenian as well as English subtitles. While watching, you can select them by clicking on the “CC” button. Change of subtitles can be made while clicking on “three dots”: