Afterparty In Postparadise

Title of the project: Afterparty in Postparadise

Estimated budget: 78,615.00 €


A film about tourism, fear and retirement, full of cheerful colours and glitter. A girl from the third world and a middle-aged man from the first world are reviewing their dream of a utopia, in an all-inclusive resort.

Description of the main story and poetics:

After years of job hunting, the girl manages to find work in Utopia, an all-inclusive resort. She spends days wearing a giant panda costume and entertaining tourists. She meets a middle-aged man who dreams about retiring permanently to Utopia. The sameness of his vacation days is disrupted when he discovers that he is bankrupt. The girl tries to help him, taking him to where the workers live on the island. However, instead of a realistic solution, we sink deeper into the fantastic world, as the film tells a story of failed attempts to find a perfect world in today’s unstable civilization.


I had just wanted to finally make a beautiful and colourful film about tourism, full of sunsets and glitter. But then a Pandora’s box of social inequality, nonsense and pain opened up, and the script for Afterparty in Postparadise emerged. There is definitely something terrifying about tourism: the feverish attempt to be as happy as money can make you within a given time; the nakedness of the fact that our time is not free. Mass tourism serves as the perfect background for a story about existential fear and insecurity. Although basically a classical scenario, Afterparty is an experimental stop-motion animated film that primarily uses image and animation and experiments with materials and the poetic text. Imagine trying to seriously rethink your life and make important decisions while in the middle of an explosion in a store full of cheap, plastic products. It’s a feeling I’ve been living with for years.

Because, as the world becomes more colourful, the fear becomes stronger and stronger. I would like the making of this film to slow that down.

Director’s biography:

Ana Nedeljković, visual artist, director, animator, and educator.

Nikola Majdak Jr., freelance cameraman, animator, director, and lecturer.

Their first film Rabbitland (2013) was awarded the Crystal Bear at the Berlinale. Untravel (2018) was screened at Berlinale, Annecy and Sundance, and nominated for the Annie Award. Their first animated feature film New Rabbitland is in development.

Presentation of the production company:

We have produced and co-produced more than 20 feature films, several documentaries and short films. Our productions include Clip by Maja Milos (Tiger Award, 2012 Rotterdam IFF), short animated film Rabbitland by Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak (Crystal Bear, Generation, Berlinale 2013), Circles by Srdan Golubovic (Special Jury Prize, Sundance, Prize of Ecumenical Jury, Berlinale Forum 2013.)

List of partners on the project so far/ Amounts already negotiated:

The project has been supported by Film Centre Serbia 24,680.00 €


Director – Ana Nedeljković

Director - Nikola Majdak

Producer - Jelena Mitrović