Title of the project Leopold

Estimated budget 60,000.00 €


In a dystopian world controlled by insectoid creatures our hero fights back and starts a run for his life that takes him to a place he saw in his dreams.

Description of the main story and poetics

Leopold is a story of a man living in a dystopia controlled and run by insectoid creatures. Humans are allowed to live and work only to become food for the creatures. Creatures choose their prey by offering a group of humans straws to draw, whoever draws the shortest straw gets eaten. Once offered the straw and being alone and drunk in front of a creature, Leopold fights back and starts to run for his life, only to find that death is not the end.


Leopold dreams of a dead tree in the middle of a swarm of butterflies. Leopold wakes up, he doesn’t know it yet, but this is the last day of his life. He goes off to work. On the street people mind their own business as insectoid creatures crawl around looking for their next victim to feed upon. They offer straws to humans, only to eat the one who drew the shortest straw. At work, Leopold notices a girl in the coffee room. She drops the matches, and Leopold picks them up after she leaves. On the box, there is a logo of a bar. After work he finds himself in that bar, and once he leaves, a creature appears, offering him a straw. Knowing what awaits and being drunk he fights back, taking the straw and piercing the creature’s eye. He starts to run as all the creatures are alarmed. On the run he finds himself in the garbage bin, and ends up in the garbage truck. Two flying creatures notice him sitting on top of the garbage and attack him, and he fights them off using the last of his strength. As the truck leaves him at the dump, two creatures are waiting for him there, and he has no strength to fight back.  They take him to a tree from his dream and hang him. Time passes and we see his body change and become a cocoon. We see a crack appearing on its surface, a hand falls out, then the rest of his body. He is not Leopold anymore, he is one of the creatures.

Director’s biography

Igor Ćorić is an animation director based in Belgrade. He has created a large number of short animated films, which were shown and awarded at numerous film festivals around the world.

Presentation of the production company

ARTRAKE is a production company founded by Igor Ćorić in 2018, after returning from Australia with the idea of establishing a company that would produce high quality commercial and artistic 2D animation.

Country of production

Serbia, Australia

List of partners on the project so far

Film Center Serbia, Truba (Sydney, Australia)

Amounts already negotiated

38,000.00 €


Director and producer – Igor Ćorić, work@artrake.com


Director and producer – Igor Ćorić