Animated Women

AR Portrait Art Walk / Curator: Manu Weiss (CH)

Animated Women aims to give established and emerging female-identifying animators a broader display. An exhibition that showcases, celebrates and elevates female excellence in animation with animated self-portraits of professional artists from around the world, shifting this old practice of self-portraiture into modern times of pocket computers, and combining animation practice with the latest technology. The Animated Women portraits come to life with an augmented reality layer. Pushing and expanding the traditional, curious, playful and fun to discover, seven selected AR Portraits will visually enrich the city of Ljubljana. Below you can discover all 20 selected works.

Activate the animated portrait

1. Download the free Eyejack app.
2. Scan the QR code.
3. Aim your phone at the portrait.

Aira Joana

Animator, Switzerland

Aira Joana is passionate about plants and crazy about dogs. She also likes to animate those two but she can draw other things as well!

Alys Scott-Hawkins

Artist, United Kingdom

Alys is an artist who works with drawing and animated documentaries. Her films have won awards and been screened at festivals including Annecy, Tricky Women, Stuttgart and Krok.

Anja Paternoster

Animator, Slovenia

Anja Paternoster is a student of the School of Arts in Nova Gorica. She likes combining media such as animation, film, photography and classical arts, and exploring different techniques to create something new.

Urša Čuk

Motion/graphic designer, Slovenia

Urša is a self-taught animator and visual artist from Slovenia, Ljubljana. On Earth, she works as a motion and graphic designer. In the wide-open space, she travels the unknown dimensions and creates visual art.

Eva Munnich

llustrator, character designer, United Kingdom

Eva studied film in an art school in Germany and after graduating worked in corporate animation. She came to London three years ago and after experiencing its thriving and vibrant art-scene she decided to venture into illustration and character design. Fuelled by participating in the Pictoplasma Academy in 2019 she now explores character driven illustration and art in traditional media, 2D as well as 3D. Her colourful and playful pieces try to find the light-hearted approach to every topic while her characters face the world with a huge smile.

Gaja Jenko Mihelič

Animator, Slovenia

Gaja is a first-year student at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, a passionate animator and a movie lover. Her heart sings with moving images and dances when moving them.

Goga Mason

Animator, illustrator, Italy

Goga Mason graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, and has a degree in animation and illustration from ERG (Ècole de Recherché Graphique) Brussels, though she learnt her most precious skills from the animator Yura Boguslavsky in Moscow. She loves colours and images in motion in every possible form, and the unpredictable feelings inspired by live animation. For years she has been collaborating with DENSO (Alessandro Fiorin Damiani), who creates sounds, voice and beats for her.

Holliday Horton

VR Artist, animator, United States

Holliday is a multi-dimensional artist and animator who uses virtual reality for design and augmented reality for display. Her goal is to create original art that mimics various levels of consciousness to influence viewers to experience an altered state of immersion. Holliday was born and raised in San Diego, California. She received a BA in Visual Arts (Film/Animation) from UCSD, then had a career as an Animator and Art director in the video game industry, shipping 10+ AAA PlayStation games for Sony. After Sony, she built the video game company RedZone Interactive which was purchased by Sony Computer Entertainment America in 2001 – making her one of the highest-paid artists in the video game industry.

Jasmine Forbes

Artist, United Kingdom

22, based in Darlington UK. Jasmine uses systems of objects to make pictures and type – watch parts and metal detecting finds. Using what’s at hand, overlooked, and ordinary but unique in shape. Influenced by bricolage, folk art, and its revival by modernism.

Justyna Kossakowska

Animator, Poland

Art student, Polish, 27 yo, in love with animation and ugly design.

Laura Ibáñez López

Animator, visual artist, Spain

Laura Ibáñez López just moved back to Spain where she graduated in Fine Arts in 2014. For the last five years, she lived in Belgium and studied for a master’s degree in Animation Film at the School of Arts (KASK) in Gent. She is interested in drawing, etching and mixed media. The aim of her work is defined by the people around her and the spaces that she inhabits. Observation of people and quotidian spaces becomes a starting point for her work. She is currently working on a short film and observing her daily routines.

Lea Vučko

Filmmaker, Slovenia

Lea has a BA degree in Visual Communications from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, and is now completing her master’s thesis at the same academy. After her studies she shifted her focus to animation and has worked on projects including: Grega Mastnaks’ Prince Ki-Ki-Do (2015), Timon Leder’s Weasel (2016), Tim Grabnar’s puppet theatre production of Somewhere Else (2017) for the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, and Špela Čadež’s Orange Is the New Black (2017), a project commissioned by Netflix and The Smalls studio in London. She is now working on her debut film The Legend of Goldhorn.

Meta Mežan

Artist, illustrator, Slovenia

Meta Mežan was born, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 1994. She is currently finishing her undergraduate Fine art and Illustration studies at Coventry University in the UK on an international student scholarship from the Slovenian Ministry of Culture. In her work, she deals mostly with day-to-day life. She is interested in bizarre and absurd philosophy and the idea of different dimensions and possibilities. In some mixture you can find all of that in her work.

Michaela Mueller

Animator, Switzerland

Michaela Mueller is an animator based in Switzerland.

Nathalia Okimoto

Animator, illustrator, Brazil

Nathalia Okimoto is a creative, animator, teacher, illustrator and mother of 2, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She believes in design as an instrument of a narrative, and the narrative as an instrument of a good idea.

Sarah Rothenberger

Animator, Switzerland

Animator and Illustrator living in Zurich.

Sine & Imge Özbilge

Filmmakers, Belgium

The sister directors duo Sine Özbilge and Imge Özbilge work together as each other’s mirrors. They experiment with the medium of animation, the 16:9 screen, digital installation art and the use of mixed media, exploring new connotations and stylistic forms. When writing concepts, Sine focuses on psychological matters and the subconscious, while Imge reflects on the surreality of society. The directors duo have collaborated on the award winning short films Camouflage (world premiere – Cannes Film Festival 2017) and #21xo

Veronika Burger

Illustrator, graphic designer, Slovenia

Veronika is an illustrator and graphic designer from Slovenia. She loves making illustrations and animations that are colourful and full of life and details. She is in her final year of Multimedia studies at the University of Ljubljana. Besides illustrating, Veronika loves crafts like sewing and making ceramics. In short, you will never find her with her hands empty.

Wiola Sowa

Filmmaker, Poland

A film director with a PhD in film. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and the Film School in Lodz. She is an academic at the Institute of Media Arts at the Pedagogical University of Krakow. A two time recipient of the grant of the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the art grant of the City of Krakow, and the grant of the Goethe Institute. Her films have won more than twenty awards.

Žoel Kastelic

New media artist, Slovenia

Born in Ljubljana in 1995. Third year student of Video and New Media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana. Since 2015 she has been making short independent animated films in stop-motion or hand-drawn techniques.

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