36 fps

This year’s artist in residence and main jury member Andrej Štular’s exhibition at Animateka showcases a selection of his works from across artistic disciplines, echoing his common practice to combine techniques and shift between media. Štular likes to play by transposing the high and the low, the found and the made, the original and a copy. Watching his works, the spectator often “feels provoked by the author’s tendency to ignore established definitions or restrictions usually implied with a work of art…”

The virtual gallery space becomes home to a variegated display containing works from his various bodies of work, combining illustration, comic art, photography, cinema, collage, assemblage, puppetry, sculpture, readymade, etc.

36 fps, meaning 36 frames per second, is much more than the usual 24 frames per second. Can one really discern all these frames and perceive everything one sees? In the multitude of images and the profusion of information, does one always get the message? Can one still read between the lines?

Photo: Katja Goljat

Andrej Štular is also the author of this year’s Animateka’s visual identity so we prepared a tiny glimpse of how it was being made.

You can find out more about Andrej Štular in the video below, in which he and the program director of Animateka, Igor Prassel, walk through his creative path.

Andrej Štular (Slovenia), multimedia artist, comic artist, animator, puppeteer

Andrej Štular (1967) is an artist working across disciplines, dividing his time almost equally between illustration and comic art, painting, sculpture, photography and film, puppet and set design. Štular has exhibited his multiple award-winning work in solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia, and participated in a number of international festivals (in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Macedonia, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, etc.). His published bibliography lists six books: Lustri (2000), Kompost (2008), Živa sem! (2011), Bežimo, svet se podira! (2014), Kronike (2015), Medved (2019).