2. – 8. December, Slovenian Cinematheque

Exhibition opening: 2. December, 18:30


The exhibition in the Cinematheque presents a very singular series of flip-books merging literature and cinema, independently produced by the French director Marie Paccou. Drawn inside her books, then shot page by page and published on Facebook, the “flipped books” series is mischievous homage to printed words. Whether she mocks Jean-Paul Sartre for being unable to reach the heights of Heidegger’s Metaphysics, sums up The Odyssey in twenty seconds, or wildly covers André Breton’s automatic writing with promarkers, Marie Paccou playfully makes hers centuries of knowledge lying on our bookshelves. This most comprehensive display of the series includes new unseen flipped books, such as Drago Jančar’s novel, Katarina, the Ellcock and the Jesuit. Two tablets complete the display, enabling the navigation in the videos and a glimpse in Marie Paccou’s experimental work with non-animators. Questioning the transition from mass-printing to mass-tweeting, the exhibit ultimately testifies to the value of hand-crafted animation in a digital world.





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