2. - 8. December

Kinodvor Gallery

Exhibition opening: Monday, 2. December, 22:00


During the filmmaking process drawing for me is more like a searching tool. If I don’t know where to move and how to solve the situation I start to draw. Usually it’s like searching something in the dark. It’s like scratching with the pencil the surface of the unknown. You scratch until something appears, something useable. Then I collect all these small findings. I put them together, create small links between them and continue digging. It’s not like I draw what I already know. It’s more the opposite; I draw something and try to understand what it is and how it can help me, where it leads me.
Some of these visual ideas help me develop my story, some are just visual jokes, and of course a lot of them in the end don't get into the film. Here I rediscovered the drawings from sketchbooks and digital sketches which I made during the production of some of my latest short films. (Choir Tour (2012), The Isle of Seals (2015), Guards of Honour (in production)).





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