The Elephant Workshops

The Elephant Animation Production Workshop

Hand-drawn animation production workshop with Anka Kočevar

Oton Župančič City Library, Monday–Thursday, 26.–29. 11., 15:00–19:00, and Saturday, 1. 12., 10:00–13:00

The workshop is for ages 11–15.


Participants will join the animator Anka Kočevar in making a short hand-drawn animation in the traditional technique of drawing with ink on paper. They will learn how to draw their characters, how to animate walk cycles and some other actions. Under their direction, Andrej Fon will add to the animation sounds and music. The film will be screened at the festival awards ceremony.


Anka Kočevar works as illustrator, animator and educator. In 2009 she graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana. She has made several short animated films: Ex passu (2009), Daleč (2011), Aj, zelena je (2009). Since 2013, she has worked as animator on the animated series for children Prince Ki-Ki-Do. She also contributed the visual image to and worked as head of animation for the short Mr. Philodendron and the Apple Tree (2016) and created the drawn and animated sequences of the documentary A Thousand Hours of Bitterness for a Single Hour of Joy (2018). She has been contributing illustrations to magazines Ciciban, Cicido and Galeb for a number of years. She also mentors children creating their own animations, which include awarded films.




The Elephant Animation Workshops

Young Captains, green screen animation workshop

Pionirski dom – Art center (Komenskega 9), Thursday, 6. 12.,16:00–19:00

For ages 7–11.


We will be recording ourselves in the pixilation technique (by moving people instead of puppets) against a green background. Then, we will remove and replace the screen with photographs of various locations on the way from the Art centre to Kinodvor. On the photos, we will be featured in insect-size: to take the helm of a tiny ship in our hands and head for the Saturday premiere screening of Captain Morten and the Spider Queen.


The workshop will prepare us for the premiere screening of the animated feature Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, which is to take place on Saturday, 8 December, at 15:00 in Kinodvor. For children aged 7 and above.




Animated New Year cards, optical toys workshop

RogLab (Petkovškovo nabrežje 67), Friday, 7. 12., 16:00–20:00

For ages 11–15.


Using a laser cutter and Scanimation software, participants will make animated cards based on the principle of the Ombro-Cinema optical toy. Originating in late 19th century, this toy is based on the tradition of Chinese shadow puppets. It is composed of a layer of black vertical lines which is to be placed over a black silhouette drawing on white paper depicting movement in two to four phases. The drawing being pulled under the lines results in the effect of movement. Such a card will be a lovely surprise for your friends.




From flipbook to mini film with Zsuzsanna Kreif

Kinodvor Café, Sunday, 9. 12., 11:00–13:00

For ages 8–12.


After introducing stop motion shorts as her inspiration, Zsuzsanna will help the young participants to get to know the basics of the technique. They will be guided through the animation process from the simplest form: from creating a flipbook to the making of a mini short film of plasticine, as well as learning about the digital compositing of their film and creating some sound design.


Zsuzsanna Kreif is an animation director living in Budapest. She graduated from MOME in 2014 with the multi-awardwinner short film Limbo Limbo Travel, co-directed with Borbála Zétényi. She participated in the Animation Sans Frontieres Animation Production Lab in 2013, which was a very inspiring international experience in her professional carrier. After graduation she started working on the TV-series Candide, and also works as a freelance illustrator.

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