ŠPELA ČADEŽ: Behind the scenes





3.–9. december, Kinodvor Gallery

Exhibition opening: 3. december, 22:00


The exhibition in the Kinodvor Gallery features puppets and other items from three stop-motion animation shorts (puppet and object animation): Čadež’s graduation film Lovesick (2007), Boles (2013), and Orange Is the New Black: Unraveled (2017), the series recap commissioned by Netflix. Also presented will be Nighthawk (2017), a hand-drawn short (oil paint on celluloid) shot in an analogue technique using a multiplane stand. The display also includes the original sets for Lovesick and Boles, and other items to illustrate the technology and work process behind her films. Above all, the exhibit speaks of the distinguishing feature of the director’s approach to the creative process: making the entire set, complete with puppets, costumes and props, by hand.





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