Rastko Ćirić: Animateka Diaries





3.–9. december, Slovenian Cinematheque

Exhibition opening: 3. december, 19:00


The diaries I keep during my travels, of which there are already more than a hundred, include drawings, notes, photos and all kinds of documentary material that can be glued into a notebook. The first one was created in 1979 on the Kornati Islands and the last one this year in Tokyo. I was present at twelve out of the fourteen editions of Animateka at the invitation of its director Igor Prassel, whose suggestion has led to this exhibition. The completed diaries are like travelogues and the friends I showed them to had the impression of being on the journeys themselves. Making travel albums means work, but if memories from our journeys are not kept in such albums, they most often end up in bags, then the basement and in the end in the rubbish bin. As life draws nearer to its end, memories become more precious, arousing increasingly stronger emotions. Rastko Ćirić

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