Rastko Ćirić

Rastko Ćirić


Rastko Ćirić (1955, Belgrade, Serbia) graduated from and completed his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. He is a full-time Professor of Illustration and Animation at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, and Vice-Rector of the University of Arts in Belgrade, since October 2015. He founded the subject of Animation at the FAA, Belgrade and the FAA Animation Studio (2006). He is also Head of the Digital Arts Program of the Interdisciplinary PhD art studies at the University of Arts, Belgrade, as well as Professor of Animation and Head of the Animation Department at Dunav Film School, Belgrade (1996–2006).

His fields of interest are graphic design (illustration, logo, poster, ex-libris, comics), animation, music, art graphic.

He has had 44 solo exhibitions, and has made 14 animated films, among which are Tango Ragtime (1985); The Tower of Babel (1988, Zagreb Film); Ogres and Bogies (1989); Farty (1993); Invisible and Poorly Visible Animal Species (1998); Metamorph (2005); Fantasmagorie (2008). He has won about 70 awards, among which 30 for animation.

He illustrated for the New York Times Book Review, and is founder and editor of the book edition and magazine Signum of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (2006).

He is also the author of The Rubber Soul Project – two music albums dedicated to the Beatles.

He is a Founder and Art Director of FESA, Festival of European Student Animation, Belgrade (2012), and a member of ULUPUDS, ASIFA, BEC, Art Directors Club Serbia.

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