Joni Männistö

Joni Männistö


Joni Männistö is an award-winning animation filmmaker and animator born in 1981 in Finland. After graduating from the animation department of the Turku Arts Academy in 2011 he became an active member of several Finnish animation collectives that work on both commercial and artistic projects. The collective work includes animated films as well as art installations for exhibitions. He currently lives and works in Tallinn as a freelance artist.

Männistö has directed films such as The Trap (2008), Swarming (2011) and Electric Soul (2013), which have all been screened at numerous international festivals around the world. Recent additions to his filmography include collective productions Re-Cycling (2014) and Wormhole (2016), in which he worked as one of the animation artists. In addition to filmmaking Männistö acts as artistic director for the Turku Animated Film Festival and as a visiting teacher at the Turku Arts Academy.

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