Submit your film to Animateka 2019!

If you want your film to be shown in the Eastern and Central European competition programme, the Young Talent competition programme or The Elephant in competition programme this December, this is your chance!


The online submission process is easy to follow. You can find the entry form here.


Rules and regulations can be found on this link.


Submissions will close on September 5, but don’t wait until the last day (unless you’re still rushing to finish your film, of course)!


As always, the day the submission open is also the day when we reveal the new festival visual identitty and the artist in residence who created it.


This year the author who will take care of the Animateka design is Edmunds Jansons, a renowned animation film director and graphic designer from Latvia! You can see the main themes and colours already, but keep an eye on our channels if you want to know the story behind it!


In December, Jansons is bringing with him the best that Baltic has to offer, as one of this year’s special programmes will be The Baltics Visiting!


But for now, let’s focus on the competition programmes and you sending us your film!

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