Kapitan Morten in kraljica pajkov / Kapten Morten lollide laeval / Captain Morten and the Spider Queen

Kaspar Jancis

Estonia, Ireland, UK, Belgium , 2018, dcp, 76'00''

In English with Slovenian subtitles, 7+


Morten is a 10-year-old dreamer. His father sails the seas on his ship, The Salamander. Morten is taken care of by Aunt Anna, who is an evil task-master. Morten plays with a toy boat with insects for crew. One day, Morten is magically shrunk and awakes on his toy boat! He is thrilled to be a Captain, but the bugs are as big as he is and they eerily resemble adults from his “real” world. A storm is coming and the toy ship is sinking. Morten must save the ship and return to the real world.


Directed by: Kaspar Jancis

Co-Directors: Henry Nicholson, Riho Unt

Original story: Kaspar Jancis

Screenplay: Mike Horelick

Animation Directors: Märt Kivi, Sam Turner

Director of Photography: Ragnar Neljandi

Set Design: Riho Unt

Original music by: Pierre Yves Drapeau

Editing: Keith Ó Gairbhín

Voices: Cian O’Dowd (Morten), Brendan Gleeson, Ciarán Hinds, Pauline McLynn, Tommy Tiernan, Michael McElhatton, Jason Byrne, Neil Delamere, Susie Power

Producers: Paul Cummins, Kerdi Kuusik-Oengo, Robin Lyons, Mark Mertens

Production: Nukufilm, Áras Telegael, Calon, Grid Animation, Umedia

Distribution in Slovenia: Fivia d.o.o.


Captain Morten is based on a children’s book called “Seiklus Salamandril” (Adventure on the Salamander) by Kaspar Jancis, which came out in the summer of 2010. Nukufilm had been looking for a feature film idea since its 50th Anniversary in 2007 and when I read the book it looked like a perfect match.

- Andres Mänd, Nukufilm


“Ship of Fools” dates back to late medieval literature. It’s a sarcastic poem about a ship that sails aimlessly, without a captain. Every passenger on that ship impersonates a human vice. Captain Morten and the Spider Queen has been inspired by the same source: a boy finds himself on a ship that symbolises an obsessive world of grown-ups where distrust prevails. At the same time, it describes uncertainty that nests in the subconsciousness of a child who misses parental care. Insects impersonating humans are also caricatures of our daily bustling that seems too important for us.


All the events take place in two worlds that reflect each other. Our hero is transferred into a weird fantasy world. The experiences and the lessons learned give him strength to set his life on a new path. It is a story about gaining independence.

- Kaspar Jancis


Awards (selection):

- Best Animated Feature award at Schlingel festival for children and young people, Chemnitz, 2018


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