Animated Wednesday

Today is a completely normal Animateka day: animated films from early morning untli late evening, accompanied by talks about ... animated films!


At the Union Hall of the Old Power Plant - Elektro Ljubljana AnimatekaPRO is already underway. Today we're focusing on talks with authors: there will be a round table discussion about Animated series for kinds and a masterclass by Eva Cvijanocić. She will present her animated film Hedgehog's home.

You can find all the details on AnimatekaPRO here.


The juries are already quite busy as well, as there are 3 competition programmes to watch. And have we mentioned the Best of the world programme? A programme of short films by Robert Loebel? Animated documentaries? The festure films Louise by the shore and Zombilenium?

If you're in Ljubljana or near enough - you're invited to join us!

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