Animateka on video!

Why let all the great moments pass us by if we can make them last forever? Our video team had a lot of work this year, as there were many interesting workshops and masterclasses to record and so many important and interesting guests to be interviewed!


One of them is whithout any doubt Otto Alder, filmmaker, producer and animator and very good friend of Animateka. In this video he talks about his new film, the festival and … well, apple seeds. And billions of apples. And billions of possibilities.



Of course, he was just one of the many great, funny and interesting Animateka 2016 guests that we intrviewed. Artists, students, members of the Jury - see all of them here!


Another one of the must see videos is the one featuring the oscar winning animator Chris Landreth. At the last Animateka his masterclass Making faces, an overview of his in-depth masterclass, was one of the highlights of the AnimatekaPRO programme, a new addition to the festival that is aimed mostly (but not only!) at film professionals, offering round tables, talks, masterclasses and case studies.



You can watch a recording of his Masterclass and some of the other AnimatekaPRO events on our Youtube channel.


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