The winners of Animateka 2014 are revealed

The votes have been counted, the juries have decided, the winners of Animateka 2014 are revealed!


RTV SLO Jury Grand Prix:

Do serca Twego / To Thy Heart, Ewa Borysewicz

(animaso/Serafinski studio)

Poland, 2013, 10'08''


Animateka Festival Grand Prix in the amount of 2,000 Euros is presented by RTV Slovenija


Jury statement:

For the way it weaves a personal story with religious ritual and how the voice-over connects the two worlds. Because the animation matches the reduced and original drawing style, and for the way this style complements the voice-over, allowing us to enter the characters’ world, the Grand-Prix winner is “To Thy Heart” by Ewa Borysewicz.



:D'SAF! Audience Award

Timber, Nils Hedinger

(Pret-a-tourner Filmproduktion)

Switzerland, 2014, 5'35''


Monetary award in the amount of 1,000 Euros is presented by the Slovenian Animated Film Association

University of Ljubljana and University of Nova Gorica Award for best European student animated film:

The Shirley Temple, Daniela Sherer

(RCA London), UK, 2013, 9'40''


Monetary award in the amount of 1,000 Euros is presented jointly by the University of Ljubljana and University of Nova Gorica



The Creative Europe Desk Slovenia Audience Award for the Elephant Children's Programme:

Cipercoper / Zippity Zappity, Boris Dolenc, Jernej Žmitek

Slovenia, 2014, 15'52''


A monetary award in the amount of 1000 Euros is presented by the Creative Europe Desk Slovenia on the occasion of the first year of the EU programme Creative Europe (2014–2020) and its special focus on audience development. The award recognises model practices for audience development and film education programmes.





Akinori Oishi: The Tiniest (Tomislav Šoban)

The film is unique in combining a story with documentary radio narration in an interesting way. The little mystery about “his friend” sparks the viewers’ imaginations and draws the audience into its own universe.  It also charms us with small stuff and details from the period of the late 80’s. I respect the idea and concept of how the author shows unusual happenings in the usual old days. My special mention goes to The Tiniest by Tomislav Šoban.


John Canciani: Beauty (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro)

The human being is doomed to fall for temptation. No temptation is probably so strong like the need or even greed for love and erotism. This stunning travel through Art History, transforming from innocent desire into the dark side of humanity makes this film a unique and original art piece. The prize goes to "Beauty" by Stefano Tagliaferro


Andreas Hykade: Timber (Nils Hedinger)

For the skill of being a funny cartoon movie and still getting selected for Animateka, The Heart of Darkness of animation, my special jury mention goes to: Timber by Nils Hedinger.


Cecilia Translavina: Fugue for cello, trumpet and landscape (Jerzy Kucia)

The film achieves new levels of poetic expression in animation through its unique and sophisticated relationship between moving image and sound. As in a synthetic experience, the images on the screen move in such a way that they not only dance with the music, but they become the music. The lines in the drawings and strokes of painting are treated as notes of an exquisite instrument, which we recognise as a landscape. My special mention goes to Fugue for cello, trumpet and landscape by Jerzy Kucia


Tess Martin: A Blue Room (Tomasz Siwinski)

Dreams are notoriously hard to capture accurately in art. But this film depicts a strange, unnerving and surreal environment that convinces us we are in a dream, or a nightmare. But wh)y the nightmare? The story unfolds so that we are given clues to the protagonist's plight without giving too much away, and yet by the end we are given a resolution that explains a lot of what has come before, making it a satisfying, if unsettling experience. Because of its ambitious and challenging storytelling choices, my special mention goes to A Blue Room by Tomasz Siwinski.

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