Summer 2014

Animateka 2015 Awards

2 Reels Jury Grand Prix:

Poletje 2014 / Lato 2014 / Summer 2014

Wojciech Sobczyk (Association “Studio A”) 12'20"


We discussed why this film should win the Grand Prix. There were many things that were noticed. The technical mastery, the hypnotic soundtrack pulling the viewer through a dramatic journey. We agreed upon the inventive editing through framing, the apocalyptic yet beautiful panoramas, the sense of depth, and the uncompromising violent spectacle, like a cinematic fresco. But ultimately, it’s simply a BOLD film that hit us hard. Fucking hard.

University of Ljubljana and University of Nova Gorica Award for Best European Student Animated Film


Martina Scarpelli (CSC Torino ) 04'46"  


With its timeless topic, the film focuses both on the details and the whole.

A contemplative story about the eroticism of the term ‘femininity’.  Cosmos, ethics, cosmetics – the award for best student film goes to COSMOETICO by Martina Scarpeli.

:D'SAF! Audience Award

Anatomija pajka / Anatomie pavouka / Anatomy of a Spider

Vojtěch Kiss (nutprodukce) 27'20"  

Children Jury Award for Best Film in the Elephant Programme:

O materi / Pro Mamu / About a Mother

Dina Velikovskaya (SHAR studio) 07'20"


The film impressed us with its simple style and the excellent way in which it examines maternal feelings through a slightly humorous hair metaphor.





Special Jury Mention: JULIE ROY

Uncanny Valley


The brilliant soundtrack of this film creates a strong sense of oppression. Lighting, camera movements, and the use of an unusual animation technique are elements justly used to communicate the physical and psychological brutality experienced by characters. Beautifully choreographed, the film simultaneously manages to be visceral, and yet also creates a sense of distance. Hypnotic, it takes us into the hours of war with a critical look at our relationship to these tragic events. This film is a real tour de force and has a strong author point of view in his aesthetics and in his voice. I am very pleased to give my special mention to Paul Wenninger for  Uncanny Valley.

Special Jury Mention: ROSTO

Moon blink

Rainer Kohlberger (Rainer Kohlberger) 10'10"


Creating optical illusions is the bare essence of animation, maybe even cinema as a whole. It’s not about what’s in the frame, but about what we perceive between the frames.

This film does exactly that, in an almost physical way.

You’re not sure whether your eyes and brain are generating colours and patterns as a result of the pictures that hit your eyeballs like a machine gun or that they are actually really there. In the meantime the film manages to develop dramatically without resorting to figurative elements. It remains in the abstract realm, yet you can really feel it going somewhere and eventually arriving at a certain apotheosis.

The film was made by using arguably the modern age equivalent of scratching on film, using digital algorithms to create the sequences and images.

We all agreed that it had a unique position in the competition program and deserves to be highlighted. It’s my honour to do give a special mention to Moon Blink by Rainer Kohlberger.

Special Jury Mention: JEAN-LUC SLOCK


Virginia Mori (25films, Withstand) 08'09"


The director employs finesse and takes us on winding paths of transition, leading from childhood to the discovery of sensuality, offering a visual poem of graphic sobriety and purity, with black-and-white pencil lines, which radiate charm and beauty. From an empty class reflecting the look and incomprehension of others, to cutting hair braids as a liberating event marking the transition to puberty, metaphors follow one another in a delicate dance and appeal to the intelligence of the viewer.

Backed by its sophisticated score, the film, which is devoid of any silliness offers a very personal look at this difficult topic.

My personal special mention goes to Hair-Cut by Virginia Mori.



Special Jury Mention: ROBERT MORGAN

Anatomija pajka / Anatomie pavouka / Anatomy of a Spider  

Vojtěch Kiss (nutprodukce) 27'20"  


This film offers a nightmarish trip into the bowels of a dysfunctional city, using stop motion animation in a deeply expressive way.

Its hypnotic rhythm, disorientating editing and stunning visual invention all combine to draw the viewer into its nocturnal realm with brutal effectiveness.

Animation is an art form that should dare to challenge its audience, and this film does that with great verve. My special mention goes to Anatomy of a Spider by Vojtech Kiss.

Special Jury Mention: ANET TER HORST

Zobje / Teeth

Daniel Gray, Tom Brown (Holbrooks, Blacklist, Antfood) 06'00"


Because of its wit and the mesmerizing voice over, and the perfect timing that leads you through a dark narrative.

Because of its compassion for a profound obsession.

The special mention goes to an unusual, truly original film that brings all the important cinematic aspects together into a balanced unity. It juggles content, mood, form and technique with dazzling confidence.

The special mention goes to Daniel Gray and Tom Brown for Teeth.

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