Make your Animateka 2013 self-portrait

Today, on Friday and on Saturday you have a chance to make a unique self portrait to remind you of the good times on the jubilee Animateka! Selffish studios is a brand new, revolutionary way of taking photos, enabling users to become the authors of their own portraits. Being encouraged in their creativity by the mirror fitted in front of the lens, users have total control over the final product. Using a wired trigger, they capture the moment themselves.

Selffishstudio is now giving a chance to all Animateka festival goers to step in front of the camera and express themselves freely through their bodies, body language, or even by co-designing the “work in progress” painted background.

Selffishstudio will be open on the festival opening and closing nights, and on Wednesday and Friday between 15:00 and 19:00 at the Slovenian Cinematheque.

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