Animation that moves in rythm

Just a few days before Animateka gets a makeover with a brand new website, we want to present to you one of the main thematic points of this year's festival: dance.

This year Animateka will move in rythm. You will have a chance to watch the Animated film and dance retrospective and discuss this theme at the round table. The concluding ceremony will also be carried out in the same spirit.

Let us first take a peek at the films.


»The retrospective Animation and Dance is a diverse and dynamic programme, full of exciting films that move the senses and stir emotions. Can we really ask for more from anything, even from the art of animated film?”
(Milen Alempijević, an Animated film and dance retrospective selector)


Acknowledged masters of animation will, in 7 sections of the animated film programme, introduce the audience to dance as never seen before, as animation allows the dancer to achieve what would laws of physics otherwise disallow. As part of the retrospective, prepared by an international group of program curators, 70 short dance films will be projected on the cinema screen, giving audiences a completely new and different experience of dance.

We will also take a deeper look at what the chosen films have to offer. At the round table, taking place in Slovenska kinoteka on the 3rd of December at 15.00, Igor Prassel, Milen Alempijević, Rok Vevar and Jedrt Jež Furlan will introduce an extensive film programme and attempt to set the theoretical frame for the interaction within arts.

Dance will also mark the conclusion of the festival, stepping out of the screen and fuse together with animation on the stage of the cultural center Španski borci.

At the concluding event of Animateka on 7th of December at 21.30, we will have two outstanding performances: Trace, an experimental multimedia performance in motion, which combines live dance motions, animated painting on glass and sound. The second performance will be Stocos, 3rd part of the trilogy, which focuses on the analysis and evolution between sound and dance gesture in tridimensional sound space. The performance is part of the Festival of young contemporary European performative art Plesna Vesna and the international programme Uvoz-izvoz by Zavod EN-KNAP.
On this night the audience will also have a chance to get acquainted with the project Choreographic Captures, which combines short choreographic films in the form of a commercial video. The film contents contain the theme of dance, motion and choreography in the broadest sense.

(the photo is taken from the animated film A Belated Premiere (Russia, 2003, 60' directed by Viktor Bočarov) that will open the Animation and dance retrospecive)

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