Animateka’s Animated nights

Sometimes all you need after a hard day of seeing many great animated films is an Animated night of fun. Fortunately Animateka has those, and they will take care of your ears and give you a chance to stretch your legs and dance the night away!


The first one will take place at Klub Gromka on Metelkova on Wednesday, December 4th. If you feel like swinging your hips left and right, the Groovy Cartoon Session is what you’re looking for. From 22:00 until you feel tired, Dirty Hairy, Bakto and DJ Woo-D (Good Foot) + VJ Tilen Sepič will take good care of you.


Thursday night will be all about the live vj-dj set of Gašper Biloslav Milkovič, Marko Vivoda and jesusonecstasy. At Kinoteka, from 23:00 until 2:00.


Friday - well, everybody knows you have to go out on Friday! Animated nights will visit Metelkova’s Klub Gromka again, this time with Fatal Error #36 (Pero-Fotar&Vučko), playing a selection of chiptune & bitpop & videogame music. Starting at 22:00 with no real end time, again.


Also, we all know how it is with the Saturday night fever. After the Animateka closing ceremony in Španski borci, we’ll stay there and party in great company of the Crazy Masters of Blues! A live concert that will mix blues with psychadelic rock and a good dose of funk. Starts at 23:30 hours.


We only have one more things to say about this: don’t party too hard this weekend! We don’t want you to bee to sleepy next week and miss all the great Animated nights and all the great animated films by day.

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