An animated midweek

Its' Wednesday December 9, which means Animateka is here and here to stay - for a few days more.


From today and until Friday the focus is on the Animateka Pro (Kinodvor Cafe at 16:00), talks with authors are scheduled at 13:00 in Kinoteka, at the SCCA project room at 19:00 there will be a presentation of the Slovene filmmaker Miha Knific, and before, after and inbetween all that there are many great films.


Check out the schedule and choose between the Animadok retrospective, the competition programmes, the Jury retrospectives and feature films, and end the evening with one of the Best of the world programmes (in Kinodvor and the Slovenian cinematheque).


After that, of course, comes the time form animated nights. Tonight at Kinodvor we will be entertained by animated videos from the Croatian Supertoon festival, while tomorrow you will entertain us, as it's Animateka Karaoke night!



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