Matic Perčič

Matic Perčič


Matic Perčič was born in 1990. After completing his primary education with excellence, he continued at the Economic Gymnasium in Kranj, where he graduated successfully. During these years, he got familiarized with 3D-modelling software for the first time. He devoted most of his spare time to learning about this software. Later on he taught himself how to use the majority of applications from Adobe suite, which were required for his creations. After graduating, he spent two years exploring what he wanted to do in life. He had numerous student jobs, from being a waiter to construction worker. When he finally decided on his goals in life, he enrolled in the Institute and Academy for Multimedia. He currently still studies there, perfecting his knowledge of multimedia. His greatest love is in the making of animations and cartoons, which are entertaining to both the young and the old.

Films at Animateka

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