Perfume Global Project

Daito Manabe

Japan , 2013, hd, 4'41''

Perfume official global website:

Vol 2: Takafumi Tsuchiya

Vol 3: Daihei Shibata + Hiroshi Sato

Vol 1: neimenovani umetnik/unknown artist

Vol 5: YKBX (Masaki Yokobe)

The works shown in the “Perfume Global Project” series originate in an open source, community project. “Perfume”, a girl band from Japan, danced a choreography that was transformed into motion capture data, and widely accessed and adapted by users worldwide. The users created new videos with the choreography sequence, each one with a unique style, from abstract moving geometric forms to cute bears dancing – an astonishing project that will hopefully find lots of new forms in the future.


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