Animatekis Felicis

Happy Birthday Animateka I.


A virus, considering which a consultation with a doctor or a pharmacist is strictly forbidden!


Ten years ago, the »animachemists«, quite on purpose, released from the festival laboratory a highly contagious virus with priceless side effects of feeling GOOD. But not even the animachemists were aware what an epidemic of happiness they would cause. The statistics show that once contaminated, there is no way back. You always come back to get more and more. More of that special Animateka feeling.

I have had a chronic animatekitis felicis myself ever since 2007. I am the lucky gal who has had the opportunity of strategically spreading the epidemic beyond the Slovenian borders and among the festival guests from abroad. Time and again I was part of it – in the first row and in the company of the greatest patients, a.k.a the best (!) festival team.

Did you know that objective numeric indicators show that during the festival, 99% of the infected develop a mathematically impossible ability: to divide and to multiply at the same time. To divide equally among the guests and to multiply the passion for animation, good fun, friendship, enthusiasm, team spirit and all those special ingredients that are an inevitable part of every Animateka.

One of testimonies about the consequences of the Animateka virus that sums up best what has been described, is a thanks sent to the team of the seventh Animateka:
»I've attended so many festivals in my life that I already started losing faith in them. Animateka brought it back.«
(Yayne Pilling, the director of British Animation Awards, member of the jury 2010).

Dear Animateka, dear team, dear guests, THANK YOU for all the unforgettable moments.

Happy birthday and many happy returns!


Sabina Briški

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