Španski borci Arts Centre, Ljubljana, 21:30

Sled / Trag / Trace / Spur

Multimedia Performance


Trag/Trace/Spur is an ongoing experimental multimedia performance combining live dance movement, animated painting on glass and sound.


The project was initiated in 2012 in coproduction with the Zagreb Museum for Contemporary Art by Croatian dancer Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović, Swiss animation artist Michaela Müller and New York based sound artist Fa Ventilato.


Three artists and three media meet in a performing space that is being constantly redefined by projections, sound and movement. In an interactive play they process the sensory input from other performers through their own medium, thus creating inspirations for their collaborators. Dance, sound and visual material are mutually driving each other, celebrating movement and constant change: a performance full of creation and transience.


The trio’s newest program is called Up the Stairs, Behind Doors, Out the Window and is currently being shown at the Student Centre in Zagreb.


Animated Painting on Glass: Michaela Müller

Dance: Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović

Sounds and Music: Fa Ventilato

Co-production: Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art/Michaela Müller/Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović/Dance_Lab Collective

Supported by: Kulturförderung Kanton St. Gallen; Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia; Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Zagreb City Office for Education, Culture and Sports; Culturescapes


With help from the Student Centre in Zagreb, University of Zagreb – Culture of Change – ITD Theatre





Multimedia Performance


Stocos is the third part of a trilogy focusing on the analysis and development of interaction between the sonic gesture and dance gesture inside three dimensional sound spaces. In this new piece Muriel Romero and Pablo Palacio collaborate with media artist and artificial intelligence researcher Daniel Bisig.


Stocos is a trans-disciplinary project that combines stochastic processes and artificial-intelligence based simulations in order to create behavioural dependencies and aesthetic relationships between dancers, simulated entities, music, visuals and light. As a result, the stage becomes a responsive environment whose visual and acoustic properties emerge from mutual interactions between the dancers, stochastic sound synthesis and swarm simulations.


Conception and Idea: Pablo Palacio / Muriel Romero

Choreography: Muriel Romero

Performance: Muriel Romero, Ruth Maroto

Music Composition: Pablo Palacio

interactive Swarm Simulation: Daniel Bisig

Production: Pablo Palacio, Muriel Romero

Co-Production: Mercat de las Flors

Supported by: Instituto Cervantes, Hebel Halle (Heidelberg, Germany), Teatros del Canal (Madrid, Spain), El Graner (Barcelona, Spain), Festival VAD (Girona, /Spain)

With Thanks to: Sergio Luque Ancona

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