SCCA Conference Room, Metelkova 6, 18:00


Koni Steinbacher is an arts teacher, mentor, animation filmmaker, and film writer. After graduating from the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana, he started teaching arts at the Izola primary school in 1964. Steinbacher had a major influence on the development of Slovenian amateur media and film culture, mentoring generations of of young filmmakers. But above all, he is notable for his role as an organiser, motivator, writer, and expert.


For the past several years, SCCA-Ljubljana has been organising animation-related events in the festive season as part of DIVA Station, a physical and web archive of video and new-media art. Animated video and film heritage is one of the fields DIVA Station is documenting, to see how it relates to the present. By inviting guest animators for a Q&A focusing on their animation methods and techniques, we spark off a debate on the past and present animation production.The event will be accompanied by an exhibition in the SCCA Conference Room, to take the audience behind the scenes of animation making.

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