Patrice Leconte and Jean Teulé on The Suicide Shop


The Slovenian premiere of the animated feature film The Suicide Shop will be accompanied by a talk with Patrice Leconte, the director, and Jean Teulé, the author of the novel the film is based on. Igor Prassel and Milen Alempijević will be hosting Patrice Leconte and Jean Teulé at the first Working Breakfast of the festival, to discuss everything from adaptation of literature for film, analogies and differences between live-act and animated films, to family films, comedy, comics, music, and life in general.


Patrice Leconte


French filmmaker Patrice Leconte is as notable for his refusal to be easily categorized as he is for his long and productive career. Since making his major directorial debut in 1975 with Les Vécés Étaient Fermés de L'Intérieur, Leconte has established himself as one of France's most respected directors, at ease tackling subjects ranging from mental illness to sexuality to canny deconstructions of wit and society. He received particular acclaim for his 1996 film Ridicule, winning the admiration of an international audience while furthering his reputation as one of the French cinema's most treasured figures. Patrice Leconte takes his first stab at feature animation with The Suicide Shop (Le Magasin des Suicides), a mordantly macabre musical adaptation of Jean Teulé’s novel in 2D hand-designed animation.


Jean Teulé


Already widely known for his work in television, as an author of comic books and as a screenwriter, Jean Teulé now exclusively dedicates his time to writing novels. He has written twelve to date, all published by Editions Julliard. His novel Darling was adapted for film in 2007 by Christine Carrière, starring Marina Foïs and Guillaume Canet. Mister Montespan sold 220,000 copies, and won the Prix Maison de la Presse and the First Palatine Prize for a historic novel. Olivier Marchal will adapt it for the big screen. Published in 2007, The Suicide Shop has been translated into some fifteen languages, including Slovenian (published by Hiša poezije in 2012). Since, Jean Teulé has written I’d Like to Kill Myself But I Don’t Have the Time, a comic book illustrated by Florence Cestac and published by Dargaud.


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