Admission Fee: 3 €


Soundlighter is a motley analogue audio-visual experience, bringing together two artists from the Slovenian coastal region and a mad scientist, who have used bare hands to build contraptions and instruments to create image and sound. Their performance is about a real-time interaction between visualisations and music, creating textures of sound and light.

Inefficiently hiding under the pseudonym jesusonecstasy is Mitja Cerkvenik, a sound artist writing music for theatre and documentary and short films, as well as creating it by using self-made electronic music instruments and effects that playfully range from ambient out-of-tune tunes of analogue synthesizers to purely rhythmical sequences with lo-fi sound of drum machines.

Live in front of the audience, Gašper Milkovič Biloslav & Marko Vivoda create liquid organic patterns, textures and shapes by mixing various liquids, solutions and reagents.


Dj program/DJ mixset: jesusonecstasy


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